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IchiHime Week- Day 6: What makes you think Ichigo may have feelings for Orihime

I’m not saying that these manga pages are proof that Ichigo has intense romantic feelings for Orihime because they aren’t. These manga pages have always just made me wonder about Ichigos real feelings for Orihime. I mean why does he feel this need to protect her so badly if she’s just a friend? He even said he’d go alone to the hueco mundo just to get her back. Its just sweet to me because even though he has no real obligation to risk his life trying to save her he does it anyway… I know that he’ll do that for any of his friends but Orihime is different. Why? Because she has always been used by enemies to provoke Ichigo. Also there has been two times that ichigos strength improved significantly just because Orihime was present. Idk… I’m not sure about Ichigo and I can’t say that “he has feelings for her, he just doesn’t realize it" because I simply just don’t know lol….But yea… To summarize: