Bleach 30 Day Challenge Day 23 - A Character you are in love with: Orihime Inoue

I love Orihime Inoue >//< My heart also belongs to Ulquiorra, but I’ve already made a post about him. I know I’ve made a million posts about Orihime but I don’t care :P This is my blog, my challenge, and I picked Orihime for this one too. Why do I love her… Well for starters shes gorgeous, kind, and she can be hilarious at times. Her character is something really beautiful, I could see that from the start of bleach. The way her character developed over time was like watching a rose blossom with all those vibrant colors, and I loved it. She’s different from a lot of the other girls in bleach. Yes it is awesome when a chick can throw down on the battle field, but it is also heartwarming when I see someone as caring and selfless as Orihime. Even though a lot of people don’t like her for X reason, I really don’t care. I always hear people in the fandoms talking her down and saying all these stupid things about her and that’s what gets under my skin the most. A lot of people distort her friendship with ichigo and rukia & that pisses me off. If you cant see the beauty of this character then I’m going to tell you right now your missing out. Aside all those “KUROSAKI-KUN” screams is a character I feel connected with. -Micko

4 April 2013 at 4:24pm with 11 notes

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