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“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”(Neruda)

                     Stand & Fight


IchiHime Month (August 3 to August 31, 2014) is a whole month challenging the shippers to show their shipping creativity. Show everyone why we’re the world’s most devoted shippers by contributing any form of art that is yours and only yours (gifs, graphics, picspams, fanarts, fanfics, fanvids, etc). How this will play out is that each form of art will have a whole week showcasing their work.

(Here’s the whole month breakdown, it will be lengthy lol)

Fanfic Week (August 3 - 9) 

  •  Day 1 (August 3) - “Love At First Sight”

  •  Day 2 (August 4) - “Promise”

  •  Day 3 (August 5) - “Hurt”

  •  Day 4 (August 6) - “Strength”

  •  Day 5 (August 7) - “Five Lifetimes”

  •  Day 6 (August 8) - “Family”
  •  Day 7 (August 9) - “Free For All/Any Prompt”

Music Mix Week (August 10 - 16)

  • Day 1 (August 10) - “Songs that describe their silliness”
  • Day 2 (August 11) - “Songs that describe how happy they are together”
  • Day 3 (August 12) - “Songs that describe when they are hurt”
  • Day 4 (August 13) - “Songs that describe a promise to each other”
  • Day 5 (August 14) - “Songs they might have when they make love”
  • Day 6 (August 15) - “Songs that describe growth”
  • Day 7 (August 16) - “Free For All”

Graphics Week (August 17 - 23)

  • Day 1 (August 17) - “Our Firsts”
  • Day 2 (August 18) - “Goofballs”
  • Day 3 (August 19) - “Promise”
  • Day 4 (August 20) - “The King & Queen”
  • Day 5 (August 21) - “Calling for You”
  • Day 6 (August 22) - “Tears”
  • Day 7 (August 23) - “Free For All/Any Prompt”

Fanart Week (August 24 - 30)

  • Day 1 (August 24) - “Happy”
  • Day 2 (August 25) - “Touch”
  • Day 3 (August 26) - “Protect”
  • Day 4 (August 27) - “Hug”
  • Day 5 (August 28) - “Anime Crossover”
  • Day 6 (August 29) - “Family”
  • Day 7 (August 30) - “Free for All/Any Prompt”

The Last Day (August 31) - Free For All Day

Don’t like the suggestions or you want to do a suggestion listed in one of the other weeks? Not a problem! If you would like to do your own prompt or one of the suggested prompts but it’s not listed in your week, just let us know! Use your creative minds to use the prompt and make whatever you can from that! If you have any questions, just click here and we’ll answer asap!

We will only be tracking and reblogging posts from the tag #IchiHimeMonth. So do not forget to add #IchiHimeMonth within the first 5 tags of your work or else it will not show up in the tracked tags!

Be sure to check the rules before participating!

Sorry this was a such short notice but we hope people do participate in this event and help the IchiHimeMonth tag grow! Please reblog this so other IchiHime shippers/fans can see and participate in this! Have fun and get creative! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


"Allow me to wear all of your Goku Uniforms!" Pt. 1


皆尽 -- All End

Unohana + 12 for ulquiorracifer!! ty for the prompt!! pics up in case the gif doesnt work x A x;

last of my color memes, i think!! poke me if i lost any, inbox is a mess! Q v Q bit disappointed with how it turned out but i think of anything T A T im sorry …i rly need to add a gif extension to photoshop QvQ


I am literally beyond amazed right now that I have managed to hit 1K! And although I don’t have a single friend on this stupid website, I do have tons of blogs that I admire and have (and continue) to inspire me. Also, since this is an extension of my personal blog, it won’t appear that I am following you underneath this blog name. I can only follow you under my personal which is silkyscars. These are in no order whatsoever because I’m horrible at making decisions. 

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Hey there everyone! So I decided to make IchiHime month an actual thing and hopefully start it in August but for this to make it a possibility I would really appreciate if a couple of people helped me with this blog! If you would like to be a mod and would be happy to help out, just hit me up in…

Make sure… you come back.